We are proud to bring you the New Western Union Hack Money Transfer Services. Our systems are layered with the most advanced technology to enable you to have a memorable experience with us. Due to the international reach and secure networks that our services have, we can work on Transactions on a 24/7 hours basis. We also provide services including but not limited to; WESTERN UNION HACKING, MONEYGRAM HACKING, BANK TRANSFERS and hacking services related to Paypal funding, Card top up . You are here to make some money and our team will guarantee you successful deal. We always advice you to share the testimonies to your friends and families after making money with us.


NO SUCH THING called WU BUG. We does the hack manually after we gain access to the western union agent portals. Money can be sent and approved in your name and it is safe for you to pick up cash at your local western union store. Our system deletes traces on every picked up MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number). We spread malware (malicious software) and gain access to the western union database and can send out funds to any country worldwide. Once you make your request/order, the funds are accessed. We then send you the cash out details and MTCN for verification purposes, which will enable you to pick up your funds at any Western Union Location.




Yes, we also have access to the moneygram database and can send clean funds to you on request/order. Contact us for details on our

Email: bankwucard@gmail.com


Recipient First name

Recipient Last Name





First you have to contact us through our email darkwebpro68@gmail.com. Tell us your country/location for proper verification before you make payment to us. After we confirm your payment, the waiting time is 20-30 minutes then you get MTCN + all details for you to cash out. After your successful payment confirmation, You will receive the MTCN# + all details (sender name + country sender) for your cash-out money. You do get your MTCN immediately, whenever you want and anywhere that has Western Union. It is important to stay on standby during this time while your transaction is taking place. Our Transfers are guaranteed and Legit

PRICE  AMOUNT                DETAILS
$500$8,0002 MTCN’s of $4000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT
$800$12,0003 MTCN’S of $4000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT


We accept payments through Bitcoins, iTunes Gift cards, Western Union/Moneygram. Contact us for other acceptable payment methods


Email: bankwucard@gmail.com




1,786 thoughts on “WESTREN UNION HACK

  1. EagleEyes says:

    Most of my friends in college is using the ATM cards gotten from this hacker. So I ordered my card yesterday and they wear so fast to mail it to my address. From the tracking, my ATM card will get to me in Monday 28th Sept 2020 with FedEx shipping number 922629213490

  2. Carlos Thompson says:

    I ordered for 5 pieces of ATM cloned cards and they all arrived yesterday 28th Sept 2020. I promised to give my testimony after our first deal on bank transfer went successfully which I made $50,000 at a spot. Guys check out for my tracking numbers via FedEx shipping:
    I’ve activated these cards and made my first withdrawals $1000 on each..

    1. Mertie VonRueden says:

      I did same and expecting the card on the Oct 1st. USPS number 9505512725110272265564

  3. Floyd Hyatt says:

    They PayPal me $4000 fews seconds I paid the required fee. They do no ask for more money. This makes them the best. I recommend

  4. Looking forward to do biesness with u!

      1. Alice Foster says:

        You are the best. Thank you for the $5000 I picked up at western union when I thought they are going to ask me so much questions lol. This is east money damn

  5. Riggie Jones says:

    Thank you admin for putting roof under me. My last 500 bucks got me $10k that’s amazing how I get off from the street and now paid for a new apartment. You don’t know how it feel when you don’t have a home!

    1. I withdraw 3900 euros here in Czech. For paying 200 worth in bitcoins. Now I trusting them

  6. Leland Gonzales says:

    Well, idk how many times I can do this but thank you for the first deal delivered. Here in Cali I have lots of places to pick up money. I am happy the first deal 3900$ went smooth. Y’all legit!!

    1. Sohang Rahman says:

      Also receive money in my country Bangladesh 3900 comes 295200.36BDT

      1. Did you really get money?

  7. I have paid a fee to receive money in my cashapp wallet. So I am waiting still….

      1. You are the best thus my new balance. I’ll do many business with you again this week

  8. Славея says:

    This best bank hacker delivered to my bank 10,000 EURO In Bulgaria . I think they did wire transfer and it perfected най-доброто обслужване честно

    1. Madeline Renner says:

      They are legit. This place is my secrete place I making so much money when people think I am into drugs lol. Thank you mr hacker you always become successful

  9. Xavier Ledner says:

    Ok guys! Tested and trusted. Finally got my ATM card yesterday. I went to the ATM and activated it with my own PIN using the default 0000 PIN. I made instant withdrawal of $500 and got $49,500 left. My UPS tracking# 1ZA653450341514482

    1. Isaiah Welch says:

      I believe you. They sent directly $5000 to my PayPal few days back. Very clean transfer …no charge back. they are the best

  10. Ashley Blum says:

    How to buy wu transfer? I’m ready to start for 200. Email me please

  11. Lydia S Oxford says:

    I keep sending $$$ to many hackers. 5 took my money and disappeared. So only this hacker sent back 3900 after getting my $200. I’m gonna do lots of business with you. Thank you for being honest with a single mother of 2 ❤️ *

    1. Hamish Watson says:

      This is my first time doing this in Sydney Australia. So the 3900 deal done successfully and I picked up more because they sent it in US$. Thank you mate

  12. Lydia S Oxford says:

    I keep sending $$$ to many hackers. 5 took my money and disappeared. So only this hacker sent back 3900 after getting my $200. I’m gonna do lots of business with you. Thank you for being honest with a single mother of 2 ❤️

  13. Marion Hopkins says:

    I got my card yesterday and made some withdrawals totaling $1000. They shipped to me via UPS tracking# 1ZX095151391764817. Wucode is LEGIT

  14. Josh Nicole says:

    Now a house owner in Worcester MA, thank you admin hacker

    1. Clyde Hood says:

      My first deal was on the 5th Oct 2020 now I’ve gotten a new ride. they are Legit and reliable. They are the best when it comes for hacking

  15. Jarvis Quinn says:

    I found out about them on YouTube after which I sent my 200 and instantly got back 3900$. They did not even ask for more money that’s my happiness legit

  16. Melissa Wooten says:

    Still feel like a dream each day I think of the fact that real flips still exist..Admin you made the difference..thank you for the bank flip $50,000 it’s a damn big money to talk about

  17. Ronald Cox says:

    Ok guys here is my update on the ATM card. I picked up my card yesterday via FedEx shipping 922969944754. Activated and withdrew $1000. I still have $24,000 balance. Thank you admin

    1. Lord Jain says:

      I also got my card yesterday and it’s working. My tracking number is 931310387610 FEDEX

  18. This western union hack is true. I picked up 5000 USD in India. Note to everyone is true and real. Thank you hacker

    1. Mahanjeevan Bheron says:

      This also worked for me in Pakistan. First order 3900USD then I order again for 5000usd

  19. Nora Tremblay says:

    Me and my husband has been into this for couple of months now and we re earning a lot. Bank cash outs and ATMs.. Thank you hackers

  20. Jevon blakestamm says:

    I got MoneyGram hack from this people. First attempt they sent 5000 Canadian dollars and I received successfully. I recommend to everyone. Thank you

    1. Dominic Marion says:

      Definitely, this is legit. I never knew no moneygram hack is this easy and quick money? Thank you hacker. I needed this 5000$

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